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Our relationship with the plant world is determined by aesthetic reasons and environmental, social, health or well-being conditions. What kind of intelligence do plants possess? What legal status protects them? What are the forms of coexistence between them and other forms of life? Is a vindication of the plant sphere legitimate in the face of zoocentrism associated with human sovereignty?

taken from : CENDEAC. YouTube channel info.

Reactive plants according to María Castellanos and Alberto Valverde' studies. They form the artistic duo UH513 and are in charge of inaugurating the MUNDO PLANTAE cycle.

Change the perception of your plant. It stops being something aesthetic and becomes something really alive.

Its frequencies, measurable, comparable. visualizing it with data is a work done by this collective.

Plants can communicate with another plant through the soil, or with light.

They did an experiment, they put a plant, a sensor and a light bulb and after 3 months they discovered that the plant turned on the light bulb when it needed it.

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