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Actualizado: 3 jul 2022

Sound is an individual process

Intimate experience.

Sounds relate emotions.

day 1.

RECORDER: I read and record a telegram conversation.

day 2. study and search for references, data and pdfs and websites.

RECORDER: time: btw 7 and 8 am we record today rain, storm.

RECORDER 2: time btwn 7 and 8 pm we record anxiety for 10 minutes. You lose a loved one in a very small place.

Today I work in Ableton with multiple rever, vocoder and distortion effects plugins the voice recorded yesterday together with the recording of the storm.

I process the two recordings and get new sounds with those clips today.

day 3.


I investigate the GRANULAR SYNTHESIS.

The power of silence. we must listen. know when to speak and when not to speak. It is a key to leadership.

we are in the noise society. of opinion.

White noise is a CONSTANT sound (a random signal for which its values at different times are uncorrelated). The UNIFORMITY and monotony of this kind of audios favors to reach MENTAL STATES OF ABSORPTION AND CONCENTRATION. We usually live surrounded by variable sounds (conversations and speech of colleagues and neighbors, television, radio, etc.). These variable noises attract the attention of our cognitive system and negatively affect our ability to concentrate and mental performance. White noise acts by BLOCKING VARIABLE NOISE. Your brain is immersed in the monotony and constancy of white noise and overrides other external variable noises that could negatively interfere with study, memorization, or work.

how to create white noise

day 4

In Metaphysics, healing is based, for its diagnosis and application, on the study and influence of the Seven Rays, especially the Green Ray. Therefore, first of all, let us define this point. God is Light. Light, when decomposed, forms the Seven Rays of the rainbow, each of these Rays being one of the Seven Aspects of God, and the Green Ray is the Ray of Health. We can invoke, activate and attract, with the power of our thinking and feeling, this healing quality by visualizing the Green Ray where we need it. Each Color has the radiation of a Virtue, and its absence is a defect. All our study on Metaphysical Healing will be done taking into account each of the Colors of the spectrum.

day 5

day 6


Forbidden Healing Frequencies

Solfeggio is a series of frequencies discovered in ancient times.

These powerful frequencies were used by the church many years ago for a spiritual purpose. When people chanted in Latin, or in musical tones, it was very powerful, because they were able to go through all limited forms of thought, to deeper levels of the subconscious, accessing perceptions beyond the belief system.

They were used in the Ancient Gregorian chants, such as the great hymn to St. John the Baptist

Hidden by the church The Solfeggio Frequency is the authentic natural tuning.

Tune your musical instruments in E 528 love and healing, in RE 417 or in any solfeggio frequency.

Solfeggio frequencies are related to Sacred Geometry, and the numbers that represent them are mathematically linked to form a sequence.

The 3, 6 and 9

As we see, the six original Solfeggio frequencies, using the Pythagorean method, we find that the basis of the root vibrational numbers are 3, 6 and 9. Nikola Tesla tells us: "If we only knew the magnificence of the numbers 3, 6 and 9, we could obtain the key to the Universe".


UT - 396 Hz - Frequency to release fear and guilt.

RE - 417 Hz - Frequency to undo situations and facilitate change.

MI - 528 Hz - Frequency for transformation and miracles. DNA Repair

FA - 639 Hz - Frequency for connection and relationships.

SOL - 741 Hz - Frequency for expansion of consciousness.

LA - 852 Hz - Frequency for awakening intuition and returning to spiritual order.

list of frequencies and their possible healing effects:

285 Hz - Incites healing of cells and tissues, which allows for rejuvenation of the body.

337 Hz - Stabilizes blood circulation.

396 Hz - Helps combat low-frequency thoughts or feelings, such as fear or guilt.

528 Hz - Supposed to promote DNA regeneration.

625 Hz - Helps liver function.

639 Hz - Balances the ability to relate to others and builds self-esteem.

741 Hz - Cleanses the cells.

764 Hz - Normalizes the nervous system.

852 Hz - Promotes intuition.

963 Hz - Activates the pineal gland. Unity, our true nature.

Frequency 963 Hz: this tone awakens any system to its perfect original state. It is connected to the God of Light and omniscience, and allows for a direct experience, back to Oneness. This frequency reconnects you with the unwavering energy of the spiritual world.

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day 7 plant music

is healing and does not relate to specific types of plants. The linear intellectual model would tend to assume that, say, lemongrass would be good for the liver, parsley for iron, etc., according to herbal lore, but apparently not. I would be interested in your researchers finding something different, but I would be surprised if they did. The plants I have used with the singing plant device are basil, lemongrass and parsley, hence my assumptions at first. But it seems to me that plants can 'scan' a human and play what is appropriate. I think all plants, now, have this universal healing tendency and possible capability."

day 8-

chakras of the world. Energy in hearth.

day 9-


Futurist artist Marinetti was perhaps the first conceptual artist to talk about creating a virtual installation out of noises and silence: The construction of a silence 1) Build a left wall with the roll of a drum (half a minute). 2) Build a right wall with a loud noise, a truck / car horn from the street, voices and squeaks (half a minute). 3) Build a floor with the gurgling of water from pipes (half a minute). 4) Build a roof terrace with chirp chirp chirp chirp srschirp of arrows and swallows (20 seconds) (Concannon K, 1990).

Max Neuhaus have worked in public places such as parks, and have placed loudspeakers in trees with the purpose of altering the mood of passers-by in order to establish a new perception of the place through sound.

Creation, sound and city. A context for sound installation in public space.

Cities, like people, are known by walking.

Sound artists are not necessarily musicians, but we must nevertheless contemplate that they must organise sounds in time, if not in a musical way, at least in an artistic way. On the other hand, it is important to be aware that a sound installation can consist simply of sounds that are diffused in a space, preferably from different points of the space in order to highlight as much as possible its acoustic qualities, and so that the movement of the spectator in the space enriches the perceptible sound result of the work.

Most artists who make sound installations use a short audio track that is repeated over and over again, through the artifice of the loop. This technique is simple and linear in character, and therefore does not develop the surprise factor. On the other hand, there are longer audio tracks where there is a development, but when these tracks are linear we run the risk that the audience only stays in the scene for a few moments, and that they miss the dramatic denouement that could come later. Finally, there are artists who try to go further in the organisation of sound, who have a more organic conception of sound, and who have preferred to use an open aesthetic (Eco, 1962). It is important to say that in these works the participation of the audience is most of the time essential15. However, there are different types of interaction between the open work and the audience: there are works in which the individuals create the result, and there are others in which we find a balance in the interaction.

The development of musical computer technology over the years has allowed the creation of interactive programmes16 , as well as sophisticated interfaces using different types of sensors. This technology is now available to the general public, and many artists are already using it. On the other hand, there are artists with a computer background who have developed non-interactive but very interesting musical programmes that generate sounds automatically by means of self-generative processes. In this case, the sounds produced will always have the same overall structure, but will always be different.


irremediably creates a connection x between the sense of sight and the sense of hearing.

Sonido, espacio y tiempo

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