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Actualizado: 11 jul 2022

Anesthesia Duo tone. Daughters of the water. Cruise version. Experimental short video. Soundscape. Endless Pantone sound. Watercolors: Under_the_future.

It is said that cruising comes from the term kruisen, a secret word used by gay people in the past. This in order to identify each other and have encounters avoiding attacks by conservatives or even attackers who were against it.

The invisible intervention, the perceptible creation: It is not what is seen but what is created when it is perceived. if any place in the world were a space to touch, to love, to undress and to give and give pleasure, where to feel or simply to feel? if that place were anywhere. Here, here. If cruising were a sound. If cruising were a color. If cruising were a matter. It would be water. Water in any place and form? Water in its natural state and without additives has no hue, it is transparent and crystalline. It is the claim that water is colorless, odorless and tasteless. But it is enough to observe the beauty of some waters to realize that, in reality, water does have color. Sound has color. Cruise ships have sound. Yellow water. Blue matter. Diverse sound. Duo-tone. If you notice, it's all cruising.

Nowadays cruising is rarely used, as there are even applications that make possible encounters between people of the same sex. Even cruising also occurs between heterosexual people, and these applications also allow them to meet each other.

Although cruising has been considered since ancient times a practice only for homosexuals, more and more heterosexuals are frequenting places to have new and different experiences.

Precisely because of the acceptance, there are mobile applications that work to meet people of the same sex or hetero and have furtive experiences. In Europe, for example, in parks or wooded squares it is common to find couples having fun with this activity.

But like a poetry model, an emotional 'cruising' offers a brief intermission, a rare and unclassifiable journey for the senses. Where the journey is as rewarding as the destination.

Micro-organisms. Liquid light and sound

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