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1 june 2023. "Soundscapes Unleashed"

A special composition for my sound collective Kocmoc.

Welcome to Soundscapes Unleashed! Exploring sound universes! Today, artist and composer FUTURO3000 presents experimental sound creations. Enjoy cinematic soundscapes that will transport you to unexplored dimensions. From ethereal melodies to pulsating rhythms, this episode will guide you through a multi-sensory experience. Embark on "The Sonic Journey: Exploring Universes of Sound" with Futuro3000 A sonic expedition through infinite dimensions.


Today is the 1st of June. I divine a special day in the sweet rhythm of the celestial wheel, the first day of June reveals its essence: a pause in the path of time, the radiant sun reaching its zenith on the map of the Earth. Like a divine embrace between hemispheres, this magical moment marks the equator of days, where the rivers of the calendar flow and criss-cross the cartography of existence.

To celebrate this arrival in the middle of the year I have created a 1 hour set full of sound collages, the ethereal balance between light and shadow, a sacred instant that transcends borders, and in the heart of cosmic geography, we find the harmonious dance of our beloved planet in its eternal journey.


In this edition, we will witness the magic of sounds created from scratch as the artist unfolds their talent and creativity using keyboards, synthesizers and modular instruments to take us on an aural adventure that pushes the boundaries of electronic music. They build cinematic soundscapes brimming with emotions and enveloping textures that will transport us to unexplored dimensions. From ethereal melodies that float in the air to pulsating rhythms that accelerate the heart, this episode will guide you through a multi-sensory experience.

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