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Xperience METROLAB23. 32 ANniversary.

Today I want to share with you a experience I had recently in Spain. I had the privilege to attend and perform at the 32nd anniversary of the legendary Metro Dance Club, one of the most emblematic venues of the electronic music scene in Alicante.

My experience at the Metro Lab stage, called La Palmera, where renowned artists such as Builrthenburnt, Siarem, Futuro 3000, Repajaro, José Blasco, Berni, Karlos Sense, Sergio Linares, Aigua, Sergio Mateo, Conezz, José Rives, and many more came together to create an unforgettable night of music and fun.

Metro Dance Club's anniversary celebration was a real spectacle. Upon entering the venue, the energy was palpable, with the crowd buzzing in anticipation of the night's performances. The Metro Lab stage, set in the enchanting surroundings of La Palmera, provided the perfect backdrop for a night of electronic beats and mesmerising visuals.

The line-up was extraordinary. Each artist brought their unique style and sound, creating a diverse tapestry of electronic music genres. From the captivating live performances of Builrthenburnt and Siarem, whose energetic beats had the crowd dancing non-stop, to the mesmerising sets of Repajaro, who effortlessly blended melodic melodies with infectious beats, the night was a sonic journey like no other.

The atmosphere, the sound system was top notch, with a crystal clear sound that enveloped the dance floor. During this live performance, the lights and visual effects were perfectly synchronised with the music, thanks to the incredible talent of Pecado Pixelado, who created mesmerising visual effects in real time. Their skilful work enhanced the overall experience, adding another layer of immersion to the performance. The lights danced in harmony with the rhythms, and the visual effects painted an enchanting tapestry of colours and shapes, transporting everyone in attendance to another dimension. It was a truly hypnotic experience, where music and visual effects merged seamlessly to create a captivating atmosphere. The audience was a vibrant mix of music enthusiasts, dancing and connecting over a common love of electronic beats.

Not only did the main artists deliver exceptional performances, but local talent also shone brightly. José Blasco, Berni, Karlos Sense, Sergio Linares, Aigua, Sergio Mateo, Conezz, José Rives and many others showcased their skills, captivating the audience with their unique sounds and impeccable mixes.

Metro Dance Club's anniversary celebration was more than just a night of music. It was a gathering of like-minded people, united by their passion for electronic beats and a shared desire to create lasting memories. The feeling of camaraderie and community was evident as strangers became friends on the dance floor, celebrating the power of music to bring people together.

As the night drew to a close and the last beats echoed through the venue, there was a collective feeling of euphoria and satisfaction. #Evidently, in other venues the anniversary celebration had exceeded all expectations, with Jeff Mils appearing with his Roland 909 and leaving everyone with unforgettable memories and a desire for more.

Attending and performing at Metro Dance Club's anniversary was an unforgettable experience.

I had to share my 1 hour live set with anyone who wants to listen to it, I've already uploaded it to my SoundCloud, in case other sound fans are interested there is ...

Thanks to Raul Alvarez for mastering my piece & Susana Lopez (Susan Drone) for the invitation.

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